Book Yourself Solid Full Day

with Michael Port

The guy to call when you're tired of thinking small.®

Event Date: 20th April, 9am to 5pm
Event Location: Hyatt Regency Philadelphia at Penn’s Landing

This is the first full-day Book Yourself Solid workshop Michael has offered to the public in seven years.

With the release of Book Yourself Solid Illustrated, I'm back and raring to go. And I'm personally leading a Book Yourself Solid Intensive One Day Workshop on April 20th.

Tickets cost $1000.

However, if you buy 10 copies of Book Yourself Solid Illustrated between now and April 15, you get to come for free AND bring a friend for free. That’s a $2000 value for around $200. Details below.

With me at the helm, and a handpicked group of my Certified Book Yourself Solid Coaches all under the same roof, you'll discover the fastest, easiest, and most reliable way to market your professional services and get as many clients as your heart desires. But, let me be clear. I am leading the workshop and your questions will be answered by me.  

So if you’re serious about getting booked solid now -- then I urge you to take advantage of this opportunity.

Who is this for?

You may have read some of my books. It’s likely you’ve read an earlier edition of Book Yourself Solid. Maybe you’ve even attended some of my online classes - and you KNOW that my system works and my coaching is spot on.

But - just as reading your college textbooks won’t guarantee you a pass - you know as well that there’s no substitute to learning from directly from the teacher. At this point in your business the best thing for you might just be me live and in person.

So, along with my right hand man, Matthew Kimberley and five of my most accomplished Certified Book Yourself Solid Coaches, I want to take you by the hand for a day you won’t forget, that will give you the TOOLS, TECHNIQUES, SYSTEMS and, most importantly, a firm FOUNDATION for getting booked solid now and for the rest of your life.

Using my proprietary marketing model (there is no system like it) you’ll learn how to generate a full pipeline of clients and referrals and master hundreds of creative, profit-producing, smarter small business marketing tactics that work.

Plus, it’s going to be a rockin’ good time. I will lift you up, make you laugh and make you feel like a marketing rockstar.

The entire event is fully interactive (and not in an “online, kinda interactive” way, but actually IN-PERSON interactive … we do it old school!) and you’ll be able to ask me just as many questions as you can think of.

This Book Yourself Solid Intensive One Day Training workshop is an absolute must if you want to:

  • Learn how to market professional services.
  • Establish a solid marketing foundation so you get more clients.
  • Build trust with your target audience and earn credibility within your marketplace.
  • Learn hundreds of small business marketing tips, tactics, strategies and techniques that work.
  • Feel confident using smarter marketing methods in alignment with your core values.
  • Notice a shift in your thinking and feel at ease marketing your products or service.
  • Completely eliminate feelings of frustration and continually be inspired.
  • Take the right actions to reach your lead generation and small business marketing goals and set new ones beyond what you previously thought possible.

With the easy-to-follow Book Yourself Solid roadmap you’ll know how to get clients for your small business while making the most of your time, money and energy.

Simplify and conquer your lead generation efforts and start driving in new clients, today.

You'll fall in love with marketing and selling your services. When you do... you'll have as many clients as your heart desires.

Here’s what I’ll guide you through:

Your Foundation

Putting a red velvet rope policy in place so you only work with your ideal clients

  • Identifying Ideal Clients, the Duds and Everyone Else
  • Discovering What Turns You Off Or Shuts You Down
  • Defining Your Ideal Client So You Can Get More Of Them
  • Uncovering the Qualities Of Your Ideal Client
  • Creating Your Red Velvet Rope Policy
  • Learning Which Clients Fit the Profile and Which Don’t
  • Turning Mid-Range Clients Into Ideal Clients
  • Pruning Your Client List - a Perpetual Process
  • Working Only With Clients That Energize and Inspire You

How to know why people buy what you’re selling

  • Understanding the 3 Reasons You Must Have a Target Market
  • Discovering What a Target Market Really Is
  • Choosing a Target Market
  • Identifying the Urgent Needs and Compelling Desires of Your Target Market
  • Making Your Offers Investable Opportunities
  • Choosing the #1 Result You Create For Clients
  • Demonstrating the Benefits of Your Investable Opportunities


How to develop your personal brand so you’re meaningful and memorable

  • Finding What Makes You Uniquely You
  • Exploiting Your Quirks and Natural Talents
  • Crafting the 3 Components of Your Personal Brand
  • Your Who and Do What Statement
  • Your Why You Do It Statement
  • Your Tag Line
  • Thinking Bigger About Who You Are and What You Offer
  • Deciding How You're Known in the World


How to talk about what you do so you’re not confusing and bland and so that people say “hey - tell me more!”

  • Why an Elevator Speech Could Be Killing Your Business.
  • Looking Like a Star With The 5-Part Book Yourself Solid Dialogue
  • The Long Version
  • The Medium Version
  • The Short Version
  • Getting Into a Book Yourself Solid Dialogue with Ease
  • Never Again Worrying When Asked, "What Do You Do?"


Building Trust and Credibility

Who Knows What You Know and Do They Like You?

  • Becoming a Category Authority
  • Deciding What You’d Like to Be Known For
  • Finding What You Need to Learn and How to Learn It
  • Making the Mental Shift Into Expert Status
  • Harnessing the Power of Likeability
  • Leveraging the 4 Keys to Increasing Likeability
  • Establishing the Standard Credibility Builders
  • Discovering the Real Meaning of Marketing

How To Build Trust With Potential Clients Using The Book Yourself Solid Sales Cycle

  • Mastering the 6 Keys to Creating Connection
  • Profiting From the Always-Have-Something-to-Invite-People-to-Offer
  • Designing a Book Yourself Solid Sales Cycle Process
  • Using the BYS Sales Cycle to Unconditionally Serve Your Clients
  • Building Trust Over Time for More Sales
  • Choosing the Right Number of Stages for Your Sales Cycle
  • Getting People into Your Sales Cycle Faster
  • Making the Right Sales Offers at the Right Time
  • Automating Your Sales Cycle


The Book Yourself Solid Keep In Touch Strategy

  • Collecting And Sorting Your Contacts To Keep In Touch With
  • The Power And Importance Of A CRM Tool That Serves Your Business
  • Using The 80/20 Rule To Develop Content That’s Interesting And Valuable
  • Choosing How Best To Deliver Your Content
  • Developing An Automated Keep In Touch Strategy To Serve Your Best People
  • Bolstering Your Sales Cycle With A Keep In Touch Strategy


Perfect Pricing and Simple Sales

How to decide on the perfect pricing models and when and how to offer discounts and incentives.

  • Profiting from the 8 Professional Services Perfect Pricing Models
  • Exploiting the 5 Essential Pricing Objectives
  • Knowing When to Raise Prices
  • Knowing When to Lower Prices and Offer Discounts and Specials
  • Understanding that Pricing is What You Pay, Value is What You Get
  • Adhering to Pricing Regulations
  • Identifying the Value of a Service


How To Use The Super Simple Selling Conversation So Selling Is As Easy And Comfortable As A Day At The Beach

  • Using and Loving the 4-Part Super Simple Sales System
  • Practicing Selling Without Pressure
  • Selling Without Sliming
  • Putting an End to One Step Selling
  • Selling with Integrity
  • Knowing for Certain When to Make Sales Offers
  • Reveling in Never Being Nervous to Sell Again


Six Core Self-Promotion Strategies

The Book Yourself Solid Networking Strategy

  • Profiting From the #1 Activity for Expanding Your Network
  • Finding Informal Networking Opportunities
  • Finding Formal Networking Opportunities
  • Nailing Networking Events - What to Do
  • Nailing Networking Events - What Not to Do
  • Increasing Your Network by Sharing Your Knowledge
  • Building Your Influence by Sharing Your Compassion
  • Enhancing Your Status by Sharing Your Network

The Book Yourself Solid Direct Outreach Strategy

  • Creating Your Direct Outreach BYS List of 20
  • Sending Letters
  • Making Calls
  • Sending E-mails
  • Sending Postcards
  • Doing Whatever-it-Takes Direct Outreach
  • Making Personal Connections with Famous People
  • Promoting Through the Press
  • Creating Your Direct Outreach Plan


The Book Yourself Solid Referral Strategy

  • Understanding What Really Makes a Quality Referral
  • Finding Referral Opportunities
  • Beginning the Referral Process
  • Understanding Why Clients Would Refer to You
  • Finding Where Your Referrers Make a Referral
  • Communicating How Your Referrers Should Make a Referral
  • Starting the Referral Connection
  • Following Up with Referrals and Referrers
  • Creating Your BYS Gang of 5 for Never Ending Referrals


The Book Yourself Solid Speaking Strategy

  • Learning Self-Promotion Speaking Strategies
  • Getting Promoted by Others Speaking Strategies
  • Booking Your Way Up the Association Ladder
  • Getting Booked to Speak and What You Need to Do It
  • Putting Your Presentation Together
  • Organizing Your Information
  • Knowing When Not to Use PowerPoint
  • Selling From the Stage; When It's Cool and When It's Not
  • Answering The Question: to Speak Or Not to Speak?


The Book Yourself Solid Writing Strategy

  • Mastering the 5-Part Book Yourself Solid Writing Strategy
  • Deciding On the Subject
  • Choosing an Ideal Topic
  • Getting Your Articles Published Online
  • Getting Your Articles Published Offline
  • Submitting Your Articles to Directories
  • Writing the Query Letter
  • Helping Editors Help You


The Book Yourself Solid Web Strategy

  • Mastering Website Basics
  • Answering the 3 Questions That Make a Website Work
  • Choosing from the 10 Most Effective Web Site Home Page Formats
  • Implementing the 9 Book Yourself Solid Web Traffic Strategies
  • Promoting Through Marketing Partners
  • Leveraging the 2 Essential Principles of Visitor Conversion
  • Owning the Big Three: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn


Plus... BREAKOUT sessions, and PLENTY of time for questions and answers: get your business built on the firm foundation that I’ve spent the last decade developing and that has changed the lives of tens of thousands of business owners the world over.

Where We'll Meet

I'll be waiting for you at the luxurious waterfront Hyatt Regency at Penn's Landing in Philadelphia.

This sumptuous city-center hotel (because I only want the best for you) is just a few moments' walk from the Liberty Bell Center, Independence Hall, the Betsy Ross House, the National Constitution Center and Old City Philadelphia.

It's a $10 shuttle ride from Philadelphia International Airport, or only $40 in a cab. If you're driving, directions are really straightforward. Discounted hotel rates are available for you as our guest. Once you enroll you'll be sent contact information for a private hotel reservation number. 

The Least You’ll Ever Pay for a Workshop of This Caliber

These days the top business coaches are charging a small fortune for direct access. I've seen new business owners pile on tens of thousands of dollars in debt for just a weekend coaching workshop.

In contrast, you’ll get a full day of live training with me (where I will teach you AND answer your questions) for a fraction of that price.

Bottom line: By the end of it, you'll be light years ahead of where you are know. You'll know what to do to get booked solid.

How much is that worth to you?

If you want to work with me privately, 45 minutes on the telephone starts at $2500.00.

Over the course of the business-building intensive, you’re going to have unfettered access to me and my top coaches for a full day

That's $17,500 worth of my time right there. And that’s not counting the $14,000 for Matthew and the Certified Book Yourself Solid Coaches’ time.

But I’m not asking you to pay $31,000 for the day with me. That would be ridiculous.

NOPE … I’m doing something much better – and much more affordable

By putting a group together like this, it means that I can offer you a MUCH more attractive price.

Tickets are only $1000.

But it gets better!

As I mentioned above, as part of the release campaign for Book Yourself Solid Illustrated, if you buy only 10 copies of Book Yourself Solid Illustrated between now and April 15, you get a seat and you get to bring a friend for free.

All you have to do is buy the books from any retailer (Amazon has the best prices) and send the receipt to We'll immediately reserve your spot and send you all the enrollment information you need including hotel contact info, event schedule, and more.

10 books will run you about $230 from Amazon. And remember, you get to bring a friend for free. If you decide to share the cost, that’s about $115 each. That’s a $2000 value for less than $200. Now, that’s a bargain you can be proud of getting!


For the last seven years - since the first copy of Book Yourself Solid flew off the presses, I’ve been perfecting the system and honing the message.

There was VERY little to change, it appeares I got it right the first time. There was a little bit of updating to the ever-changing web strategies, but otherwise everything remained the same.

So I got to thinking: how can I get this system into as many hands as possible, and get it WORKING better than any other system that’s out there.

I got my team researching for me. We discovered that you can learn by reading words, you can learn by hearing words, you can learn by interacting, and you can learn visually.

It appears that a LOT of us (me included!) are much better at learning visually than we are at learning from just READING words on the page. In fact, you are 84% more likely to recall what you’ve read when you see images that represent the ideas.

So … long story short … I’m THRILLED to release publication of Book Yourself Solid Illustrated, which will help more business owners than any previous editions of my book combined.

It’s an important book to share … and that’s where you come in.


Of course you don’t HAVE to do that … you can certainly pay 5 times more and pay the regular ticket price if you would prefer.




- OR -

TO THIS LIVE EVENT (VALUE: $2000). WHEN YOUR ORDER ORDER 10 COPIES OF BOOK YOURSELF ILLUSTRATED (approximately $230 for the 10 books from Amazon)

Once you've purchased (from any retailer) send the receipt to We'll immediately reserve your spot and send you all the enrollment information you need including hotel contact info, event schedule, and more.


Of course, I expect you’ll go for the books rather than paying the full price in cash. You’re no dummy.

The room only holds enough space for 100 pairs of tickets - so be sure to go ahead and grab your seats right now.

I want to see you in Philadelphia with me on 20th April.


Feel free to call (414) FOR-PORT or e-mail with any questions you may have. We're always happy to talk to you.